Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes

What is a Kids Walk?

The Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes is an educational school fundraising program that raises money to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. While raising money for JDRF, students learn about diabetes and the importance of making healthy choices. The money raised through this program helps fund type 1 diabetes research and provides additional dollars for your school to use on equipment, field trips, books or whatever your school needs!

Trinity Lutheran 2011 Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes

Why hold a Kids Walk?

1. 10% of the money raised goes back to your school to use on whatever is needed.

2. Students earn fun prizes based on the amount of money they raise.

3. Your school will receive a customized banner based on their fundraising achievements.

4. Teachers don’t have to worry about running the program or counting money. JDRF staff and volunteers do all of the work for you!

“In just two short weeks we had raised over $3,700 for JDRF and it was so easy. The kids loved watching the sneakers multiply as we added them to our cafeteria wall, and the rest of the school was able to see our progress and enthusiasm. We knew just days into the program that we would do it again next year. It was easy and rewarding.”

– Stephanie Arps, 2nd Grade Teacher at Southern Door Elementary School

Click here to learn more about the Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes Program or to sign-up your school.

Contact Alyssa Thiel at or 920-997-0038 for more information.