The Northeast Wisconsin Chapter seeks individuals that are interested in volunteering time to the JDRF Board and Committees. JDRF volunteers are the driving force behind our progress toward a cure, giving generously of their time, money and expertise in an ambitious agenda of fundraising and advocacy activities.

Your time and talent may be the most valuable of all. A commitment of only a few hours a week from volunteers like you goes a long way toward meeting our chapter’s many needs.

If you are interested in exploring the volunteer opportunities with the JDRF Northeast Wisconsin Chapter, please contact Julie Feest at (920) 997-0038 or Jfeest@jdrf.org.

Board Member:

A JDRF Board member actively participates in fundraising for diabetes research and outreach activities supported by the chapter. He/she assists in formulating chapter goals and objectives, identifies and responds to chapter needs, serves as a visionary for the chapter and supports the policies and procedures of JDRF.

Office Volunteer/Event Day Volunteer:

A JDRF office volunteer provides support to staff on administrative duties which could include preparing mailings, data entry, and phone work. Office hours are 8:30-4:30 p.m. M-F.

A JDRF event day volunteer provides the support at the event. The commitment is just that day and is a great help to JDRF.

Committee Member:

A JDRF committee member meets with other members to promote initiatives of JDRF defined by the JDRF Board, attends and participates in meetings, and follows through to actively support the chapter’s goals and interest.

JDRF Committees Include:

  • Development/Leadership giving committee
  • Outreach committee
  • Nominating committee
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Walk to Cure Diabetes planning committees
  • JDRF Celebrity Gala planning committee
  • Ride committee

JDRF Committee Descriptions

Development Committee:

Oversees all income development projects, ensures all JDRF priority programs and Chapter fundraising programs are implemented and supported, oversees all event budgets, ensures post event critiques and recommendations are solicited and documented, and evaluates overall fundraising programs to ensure the Chapter’s budgeted goals will be reached and exceeded. Within this committee is Leadership giving program which promotes, identifies and develops potential major donors and planned giving supporters in the community—individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Community Outreach:

Responsibilities include providing support to persons with Type 1 diabetes and their families, education, promotion of Chapter’s fundraising event, membership, resource library, speaker’s bureau, health fairs, promotion of Diabetes Awareness Month, and developing rapport with medical professionals, and diabetes educators. Networks within the community to continually seek new resources and opportunities for JDRF.

  • Mentors: A cornerstone of the outreach program of JDRF, mentors help newly diagnosed children and families, as well as those already living with diabetes, to become more acclimated to life with diabetes and feel welcomed by JDRF. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, email Alyssa Thiel at athiel@jdrf.org.

Nominating Committee:

This committee works throughout the year to identify, cultivate and recruit individuals who will add strengths, talents, diversity, balance, and missing community representation and skills to drive the Chapter to realize its potential and ensure its viability.

Advocacy Committee:

This committee organizes and directs JDRF’s grassroots recruitment activities for the chapter. Provides updates on Government Relations activities to chapter advocates and coordinates all on-the-ground recruitment activities.

Event Logistics Committees:

With the Walks, Gala and Ride there are many volunteer duties that are offered to be a part of the event planning. This is a great way to get involved with JDRF and be part of the wonderful events.