Memorials and Tributes

Memorial and Tribute gifts to JDRF are a special way to recognize a loved one who has passed or to honor friends and family. Your support through the Memorial and Tributes program helps to fund vital research towards curing, better treating and preventing T1D. In addition, funds are used to support local outreach efforts such as the Bag of Hope and Teen Pack programs.

To learn more about the program or to make a donation contact the JDRF Northeast Wisconsin Chapter at 920-997-0038.

Gifts made between 4/1/14-11/30/14


Michael Coonen
Ellen Coonen in memory of Michael Coonen

Dr. Adrian Gansen
Penelope Larsen in memory of Dr. Adrian Gansen

Dorothy & Harold Gray
David & Cynthia Cook in memory of Dorothy & Harold Gray

Allan Kalies
Marilyn Stenson in memory of Allan Kalies

Peter Kaufman
Peggy Kaufman in memory of Peter Kaufman

Zach Mauer
Anthony & Mary Jens Mauer in memory of Zach Mauer
Brent & Sara King in memory of Zach Mauer

Rene Morrison
Susan Green in memory of Rene Morrison

Chad Olson
Brenda Olson in memory of Chad Olson
Karil & John Van Boxel in memory of Chad Olson

Carol Pingel
Barbara Coghlan in memory of Carol Pingel
Charles Pingel in memory of Carol Pingel
Bernard Ver Haagh in memory of Carol Pingel

Gary Van Marter
Larry & Mary Van Marter in memory of Gary Van Marter


Beau Boushele-Walter
Horace Mann Middle School to honor student Beau Boushele-Walter

Bob & Heather Pagel
Michael & Susan Glad to honor Bob & Heather Pagel’s wedding
Gregg & Mary Curry to honor Bob & Heather Pagel’s wedding

Jackie Schleicher
Oshkosh North High School Senior Class tribute to Principal Jackie Schleicher in honor of her daughter

Jennifer Stepaniak
Donald Dougherty to honor Jennifer Stepaniak